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Freedom on the road. Go anywhere you want. In season you enjoy your independence. Off-season you can be found tinkering, repairing, maintaining and improving your motorcycle. We know and share your passion. No matter when, no matter what – Rick’s Motorcycles provides you with motorcycle clothing and accessories. Many well-known brands are in our store. For Harley-Davidson® we are a licensed dealer and offer on top conversion and other services in Baden-Baden, which preserve your guarantees. With us your machine is in the best hands.

Rick`s Parts | Modell-Auswahl

Quality made in Germany: Our own product line Rick’s Motorcycles brings you high quality and carefully produced custom parts, motorcycle accessories and spare parts – from bikers for bikers.

Simply order online: No time to drive to us? Just order from us – with just a few clicks you will soon have the desired parts in your hand, whether motorcycle clothing or accessories. The ordering process is secure and delivery takes only a few days.

Individual customizing: Rick’s Motorcycles is not only an online store, but also a workshop where experienced mechanics build you your dream machine. Come around!

Harley-Davidson® dealer and workshop: On the one hand, you will find motorcycles and original accessories from Harley-Davidson®. On the other hand, you can also stop by at any time and have your Harley-Davidson® bike checked, repaired and rebuilt by our trained and licensed personnel. The warranties remain valid.

Rick`s FEATURED / Our TOP-Sellers

Herren "120th Anniversary Hoodie" 96768-23VM


Herren “120th Anniversary Hoodie” 96768-23VM

starting from 136,00 €

Herren "120th Anniversary Tee" 96839-23VM


Herren “120th Anniversary Tee” 96839-23VM

starting from 38,00 €

Herren "120th Anniversary Tee" 97547-23VM


Herren “120th Anniversary Tee” 97547-23VM

starting from 61,50 €

License plate light

Rick´s Motorcycles

License plate light

49,90 €

Fender blank Rick's "BOBBER" 150 

Rick´s Motorcycles

Fender blank Rick’s “BOBBER” 150 

229,00 €

Fender blank Rick's "BOBBER" 200 

Rick´s Motorcycles

Fender blank Rick’s “BOBBER” 200 

279,00 €

LED Micro License Plate Light 

Rick´s Motorcycles

LED Micro License Plate Light 

14,90 €

Softail M8 cover swingarm axle Premium

Ricks Motorcycles

Softail M8 cover swingarm axle Premium

79,00 €

Softail M8 Abdeckung Schwingenachse Smooth

Ricks Motorcycles

Softail M8 Abdeckung Schwingenachse Smooth

59,00 €

Get your stuff – our range of motorcycle accessories and motorcycle clothing

New machine that you want to rebuild? Looking for a spare part? Or for original accessories of your favorite brand? Here you will find what you are looking for:

Rick’s Parts – our own product line. Designed and manufactured by people who really know what you need as a motorcyclist. From A for covers to V for offset kits, it’s all here.

Parts by model – what do you ride? Sportster? Softail? Or Touring? Filter here by your motorcycle model and find the right motorcycle accessories and parts. On the side you can break down the selection even further.

Harley-Davidson® original accessories – proud Harley-Davidson® owners please go here. We have also clearly sorted the motorcycle accessories for this brand according to the models. So you can quickly find the part you are looking for for your customizing.

Clothing – of course it can’t be missing: motorcycle clothing. In addition to the essential safety clothing, you can also stock up on stylish biker fashion from your favorite brands, including Harley-Davidson®, John Doe and West Coast Choppers.

Harley-Davidson® genuine spare parts – wear and tear is normal. Whether you need engine oil for refilling, a new battery, brake pads or seals, the motorcycle spare parts come from Rick’s Harley-Davidson®, are compatible with your Harley and offer you the quality you are used to.

Accessories – complete your look. Hey, we know exactly how much your hearts are attached to your machines and the fan community behind them: Some of you would love to stock up from head to toe with one brand. But even if you’re just looking for a belt buckle or sunglasses, this is the category for you.

Brands – all clearly sorted. You want to check out the entire product range of a brand manufacturer in the store of Rick’s Motorcycles? Then take a look here and discover motorcycle accessories and motorcycle clothing of your favorite brand.

Cleaning and maintenance – because both are important for your safety and that of other road users. In addition, chrome and paint should of course always remain nicely presentable.

E-bikes – when it’s not worth getting on your bike. Electronically assisted bikes for your relaxed trip through the city, to the sea or to the mountains are waiting for you here.

Most popular brands at Rick’s Motorcycles

Rick’s Harley-Davidson® Baden-Baden

Rick’s Harley-Davidson® is an integral part of the biker scene. As a licensed dealer, we naturally offer only original motorcycle accessories and motorcycle clothing from Harley-Davidson®. So you not only get quality into your home, but also become part of a culture steeped in history and an unbroken love of innovation. Ride free.

Screamin‘ Eagle™

Part of the Harley-Davidson® universe: With Screamin’ Eagle™ (the name alone should already give away the parent house) you pep up your motorcycle. More power when overtaking, better acceleration, road holding and optimized handling. The motorcycle accessories have proven themselves even in the racing machines of the pros. That’s how winners ride.

John Doe

With the high-tech motorcycle gear from John Doe you not only look good, you are also optimally protected in an emergency. The brand combines comfort and style with maximum safety. The abrasion-resistant XTM-Fiber® is your protective shield in case of a fall, underneath there are breathable, stretchy layers that still feel comfortable and pleasant even after hours on the road – of course, everything is CE-certified.

The Rokker Company

The Swiss label scores with the typical biker look without compromising on safety. Abrasion-resistant jeans, classic flannel shirts, leather boots with a strong profile – you name it. Natural, breathable materials such as cotton are of course at the start with Rokker.

West Coast Choppers

Those who cultivate the Californian chopper lifestyle will hardly find a more suitable brand. A bit vintage, a bit minimalist, in any case casual and away from the mainstream, that’s how West Coast Choppers can probably be mainly located. You can get the look here at Rick’s Motorcycles.

more brands

And many more well-known names! Take a look at our brand overview, if the manufacturer you are looking for was not listed above. You will also find our own product line Rick’s Motorcycles.

Consulting, motorcycle clothing and accessories: Rick’s Motorcycles

Your motorcycle gets a lot of attention from you. You customize and maintain it – and, of course, you ride it whenever time and weather permit. Everything you need for a safe ride and a unique look is available at Rick’s Motorcycles. From motorcycle accessories, to spare parts, to clothing, our biker store has you covered for the next season or the next rebuild session.

And if you’re not sure which part is compatible with your motorcycle model, or you just want to get a second opinion – we’re here for you. You can call us at 07221 3939252, send an email to orders@ricks-motorcycles.com or just use our contact form.

Or you can come by in person at Rick’s Motorcycles in Baden-Baden – and show our experienced mechanics and passionate motorcyclists your bike! Share your passion.