Rick’s Motorcycles Steel Fenders: Crafting Excellence for Harley-Davidson Enthusiasts

new manufacturing using premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques | high availability | perfect surface quality | less assembly & painting effort

In the realm of Harley-Davidson customization, one name stands out for its exceptional steel fender production – Rick’s Motorcycles. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality, innovative design, and a profound understanding of the Harley-Davidson spirit, Rick’s Motorcycles has become the go-to choice for bikers seeking the perfect blend of style and durability.

One of the key factors that set Rick’s Motorcycles apart is their emphasis on design innovation. Recognizing that Harley-Davidson riders are a unique breed with a deep appreciation for individuality, Rick’s Motorcycles offers a diverse range of designs that cater to different tastes and styles. Whether it’s a classic, minimalist look or a more elaborate and customized aesthetic, riders can find the perfect steel fender to complement their Harley-Davidson.

What truly sets Rick’s Motorcycles steel fenders apart, however, is the symbiotic relationship they share with Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. Each fender is not just a functional accessory; it’s a statement of identity for the rider.

Rick’s Motorcycles rear fender Softail M8 Fat Boy / Breakout 117 Cui, complete kit OEM tank


Rear fender kit for Harley-Davidson M8 Softail Fat Boy and Breakout 117 Cui 2023

    • new state-of-the-art production method for high quality and fitting accuracy
    • production on special welding tools
    • handcrafted with integrated 10 mm struts
    • available for 240 tire, Metzeler 260 installed on 8″ wheels or Metzeler 260 installed on 9″ wheels
    • suitable for passenger
    • including matching glass fibre seat base plate for stock tank, without tank cover
    • including stainless steel installation hardware and mounting screws
    • including certification
    • Swiss certification available

    Rick’s Motorcycles Front Fender Touring 21″, steel


    Rick’s 21″ steel front fender for Harley-Davidson Touring models

      • Steel fender for 21″ front wheels
      • suitable for 3.5 x 21″ / 4.0 x with 130/60 21 or 120/70 21″
      • Three lengths available: Standard, Street-Cut, Shorty
      • 2 mm material thickness
      • deep-drawn, stress-free
      • extra strong torsional rigidity, very important with large front wheels
      • Delivered raw / unpainted
      • Mounting holes pre-drilled
      • Made in Germany
      • Fender Spacer Kit Required:
        • machine finish: 65-8061431-0
        • black: 65-8061431-SG

      Rick’s Motorcycles rear fender Softail M8 from 2018 with lighting, Fat Boy, Breakout. FXDR, steel


      Rear fender for Harley-Davidson M8 Softail, wide frame

        • New production process for even greater fit and quality
        • Production on special welding jigs
        • Handcrafted from steel with integrated 10 mm struts
        • with integrated housing for indicators and taillight
        • available for OEM 240 tires, Metzeler 260 on 8″ and Metzeler 260 on 9″ rims
        • Suitable for a pillion passenger
        • including mounting material
        • without base plate and tank cover
        • including appraisal
        • Swiss FAKT papers available

        Rick’s Motorcycles Front Fender 23″ Fat Boy M8 from 2018


        Front fender 23″ for Softail Fat Boy Milwaukee 8 from 2018

          • for 23″ conversions with 130/60 23″ tires
          • fits Fat Boy models from 2018
          • tight fit over the tire
          • length 457 mm
          • optimal addition to any conversion
          • adapted to the radius of the front tire
          • made of 2 mm steel
          • high torsional stiffness
          • 3D laser cut, maximum fitting accuracy
          • shapely due to perfect contour
          • mounting holes already available
          • requires mounting kit: S8-8001400-0
          • delivery unpainted
          • Made in Germany

          Rick’s Motorcycles Fender Blank Rick’s „BOBBER“, 200


          • „Do it yourself“ fender blank
          • 2 mm material thickness
          • deep drawn, stress relieved
          • delivery in raw / unpainted
          • suitable for tires 200/60 16″; 200/55 17″; 200/50 18″
          • length: 842 mm
          • width inside: 213 mm
          • Made in Germany

          Rick`s Clubstyle Front Fender Steel

          Closer to the tire and protection for the fork tubes.
          Rick’s steel fenders are available in a wide range for all Harley-Davidson models – and their high-quality construction makes them highly demanded customparts for all Harley’s. Rick’s steel fenders are also the top choice for „Clubstyle“ conversions: the steel fender sits tighter (and shorter) atop the front wheel than any stock fender, also providing additional protection for the open-running fork surfaces of the 43 mm upside-down fork.


          • manufactured from 2,5 mm rounded steel
          • elegant and sportive steel front fender to underline the tire contour
          • fits stock tire size 110/90-19
          • tight fit above the tire
          • adjusted to the radius of the front tire
          • great addition to each custom conversion
          • high torsion stiffness
          • integrated fork leg protection
          • 3D laser cut, maximized precise fit
          • clean look with perfectly contoured curving
          • mounting holes lasered
          • delivered unpainted
          • Made in Germany

          Special baffles, neatly integrated into the fender design, deflect dirt and moisture away from tubes and sealing rings, thus reducing wear and the risk of damage from objects. That Rick’s steel-made front fenders are visually perfectly adapted to the respective wheel sizes is a well-known fact that can’t be repeated often enough.